Pulse: 2019 Q1


2018 was a year of growth for IT/IQ, with demand increasing across several industries and skillsets. Throughout the year, we noticed certain trends, which included increased recruitment demand in the Project Management Office (PMO), Healthcare and Infrastructure specialty areas, with Development recruitment remaining steady and constant. This increased demand from our clients, and our commitment to growing nationally and internationally, meant that we too, spent a lot of our year focused on hiring.

Much of the 2018 growth in PMO and Infrastructure can be attributed to greater demand from our clients in Healthcare, Natural Resources, and Education. Demand in these three verticals grew by a combined 208% this past year! The demand from our traditional clients in Tech, Retail/ Distribution, Finance/Insurance and Crown Corporations diminished or remained constant.

We will see increased Healthcare recruiting demand in Infrastructure and PMO continue into 2019 due to our regional health authority clients completing multiple major facility renovations. Demand will also continue to increase in the Natural Resources and Education verticals as our clients invest in IT to improve operational efficiencies and plan for ERP implementations and upgrades.

2019 is going to be a very exciting year for IT/IQ! We’ve always “believed” in our vision of becoming a national and international recruiting firm, and 2019 is the year this happens. We are eagerly anticipating expansions into new markets in Q2, Q3, and hopefully Q4 – stay tuned to future Pulse publications for the details!

To download the full Pulse Q1 report, click here.

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