Why Specialization Matters in Executive Search Firms

You don’t want to hire the first recruiting firm that comes your way, especially if you’re looking for your next CIO. It pays to partner with a firm that specializes in placing candidates in specific, high-level industry roles. Just like you go see a specialist for certain medical conditions, you should work with a specialist when you’re placing executive roles. And remember, in executive recruiting, winning the work is just as important as doing the work. And at IT/IQ, we do both.

We’ll Find the Right Candidate

The role you’re looking to fill requires skills and characteristics that are unique to the position and your company. The recruiter you’re working with must be able to determine which candidates fit your company culture, and, more importantly, which don’t. At IT/IQ our Account Management team takes the time to understand your company culture, strategic initiatives, and resourcing requirements. Meanwhile, a team of specialized recruiters is constantly building connections with high-level IT professionals; understanding their capabilities, goals, and career ambitions. This way, we can help you find an executive to lead your company to success.

We’ll Spot Better Opportunities

We know who to get on the phone, and when. As experts in the recruitment industry, we know precisely what separates a good career and candidate from a bad one. We take the time to create established relationships to attract the very best candidates. For example, we know which companies are running out of funding and when to call a departing employee and pitch your new and exciting role.

To this end, you need recruiters with a working knowledge of your industry so they can speak intelligently and precisely about your position. If your recruiter doesn’t know what they’re talking about, it’ll be evident (especially to a high-level executive) and that’ll discourage both you and your potential candidate.

We’ll Pitch the Opportunity Best

Finding the perfect CFO or CEO is challenging. At IT/IQ we’ll not only help you identify the perfect candidate, but also sell the role to the candidate. We understand your industry so we can present everything that’s attractive about your role while determining if the candidate is a good fit.

Find Your Next Leader with IT/IQ

Strong IT leadership with a sound technology strategy can advance your business and help you stay ahead of your competition. IT/IQ’s Executive Search division can identify and engage the right IT leader to drive your strategic initiatives. To learn more about IT/IQ, visit our website or reach out to one of our veteran recruiters. We cannot wait to hear from you and to build a better global business culture together.