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Move Your Career Forward

...by setting goals and letting us help you achieve them.

IT/IQ executive search consultants are hand-selected experts in IT career development – each possessing at least a decade of industry experience. Speak with one of our consultants to discuss your career history and goals and other areas of interest to help refine your search parameters and develop a search strategy.

Each search is a partnership and we both want the same thing. Our sole purpose is to connect tech leaders like you with companies searching for top talent. Working with an IT/IQ search consultant will help you stand out from the crowd and provide you with the tools you need to move forward on your chosen career path.

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Access the ‘hidden job market’

Most roles are filled without employer advertising – particularly leadership and executive roles. Let us introduce you to the key decision makers and avoid the deep black hole of online applications that go nowhere.

Understand your value

It’s hard to know your true market value with a single point of reference. We can help you prepare for compensation negotiations by providing you with a comparative benchmark based on your role, experience and expertise.

Connect With Peers

Whether you are seeking a mentor, protégée or a peer to compare notes with, it’s quite likely that we can facilitate an introduction. With a rich network of hand-selected industry leaders, our consultants connect like-minded IT executives on a regular basis.

Read Between The Lines

Job descriptions are written to summarize the role as quickly as possible, but often fail to describe the opportunities, challenges and true factors for success. We’ll help you understand the full scope of the opportunity, so you can make informed decisions about the roles you pursue.

Gain Market Insight

A position may sound like a fit, but how can you know about the company’s vision, culture and direction? With 16+ years of industry expertise, our consultants can help you understand almost every employer in our market, as well as the current market dynamics and trends affecting our industry.

Get Your Teams The Support They Need

Great leaders keep teams focused and motivated, but you need the right people in place. Once in your new leadership role, our sister division, IT/IQ Tech Recruiters, can help supplement your existing team or build new ones from scratch.