Woman hides her face and slumps over at her desk with text Unhappy in Your Technology Position? Why 2022 Is the Year to Make a Change
As you have undoubtedly heard, the job market is seriously bonkers right now. With unemployment near pre-pandemic levels, and thousands of jobs still to be had, firms are fighting fiercely for top candidates – if they can find them. In short, it is a candidate’s market, and the last few months have seen many professionals...
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IT/IQ Tech Recruiters graphic features cyborg hand outstretched and text " how gen z transforms technology"
Born in the mid to late-1990s, Gen-Z is estimated at around two-billion digital-ites. They’re a generation of digital natives that grew up with smartphones and high-speed internet and are unfazed by sharing personal details online. In fact, technology unites their offline and online personas so closely, that as this group comes of age, they’re transforming...
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