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IT/IQ Recruiters Future Dispersion of Silicon Valley graphic, background image of Vancouver
In Canada, the pandemic accelerated IT/IQ’s innovation and we launched a new branch, IT/IQ Remote Teams, to help companies throughout the world adapt to remote work. Outside of Canada, the pandemic is also accelerating the dispersion of Silicon Valley. With renewed antitrust pressure from US Congress and the pandemic accelerating remote teams, Silicon Valley is...
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Introducing IT/IQ Remote Teams Graphic ( LinkedIn Image ) Horizontal
We at IT/IQ Tech Recruiters recently learned that remote teams are environmentally greener, more cost-effective, and oftentimes inspire happier and more productive employees. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, almost every business in the world is currently navigating the challenges of managing remote teams — many for the first time and had never considered it before. We...
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A graphic with a ying-yang sign against a red background with text Finding Work Life Balance While Working From Home
Even if you’re a wizard at working from home, it’s difficult to separate work from play when your pile of work is just a few feet away. However, finding work-life balance while working remotely is achievable, even during the COVID-19 quarantine.  Here are four tips from IT/IQ to help you navigate this evolving situation and...
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Two people work individually on their laptop computers in the lobby of a modern office space with text 5 Tips for Managing Remote Workers
Although working from home is not a new concept, most workforces were not working remotely prior to COVID-19. However, in what has felt like a couple of days, everyone able to work from home is working from home as a necessity to public health. This quick-change poses challenges for both managers and employees alike. As...
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Remote Consultant
As Vancouver grows year-over-year in population, the overall landmass stays the same size. Office towers are popping up everywhere, but there is only so much space to hold employees. As an alternative, you may have looked at utilizing remote workers before, but refrained since it requires a serious amount of trust with your employees. However,...
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