Tech Leaders
It seems like every new employee wants to know about growth opportunities upon being hired. In order to grow, your employees need to be motivated and able to lead. But leadership skills are rarely intuitive and need to be developed over time. Fostering leadership in your organization can lead to a more cohesive workforce and...
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User Groups
If you’re an IT professional, joining a user group may provide some unrealized benefits. User groups are where professionals with a specific skill set, meet to discuss new innovations in their respective professional field, disseminate information they’ve learned, and just generally have a good time with like-minded people. For some, it may mean going outside...
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Tech leader giving a presentation
From higher productivity and profitability to a commitment to greater work/life balance, the most dynamic and innovative leaders in the tech industry have been leading the charge to redefine the modern workplace. By investing in top talent and taking a sometimes unconventional and unexpected approach to business models and operations, tech leaders are creating successful...
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