An image of a digital boardroom meeting with text Examining the Future of Blockchain Technology - IT/IQ Tech Recruiters
If you keep up with the news to any reasonable degree, you have undoubtedly heard of blockchain technology. As one of the most impactful developments in the fintech space in recent years, blockchain aims to revolutionize the way data is recorded, stored, and transferred.  How will this new technology continue to influence finance and other...
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Image of a smart phone with the word NFT on screen with text overlay All About NFTs - IT | IQ
As if the cryptocurrency craze of this year were not enough, the digital economy is now reeling from the rise of NFTs. Without fully understanding the technology involved, thousands of people are investing in these digital assets with the hopes of making large returns. And this hope is not totally unwarranted. In fact, a digital...
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IT/IQ Tech Recruiters new technology we will see in 2021 graphic
The spread of COVID-19 in 2020 will have a long-lasting impact on our way of life. Many new ways of living and working that were introduced as a necessity in slowing the spread of the virus proved to be preferred, even as we progress toward vaccinations and herd immunity. City Development In 2021, we will...
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IT/IQ tech recruiters cyber attacks rise during quarantine graphic
As all things digital have soared throughout quarantine, so has hacking activity. With a 300% rise in cyberattacks during quarantine, you’d think it was a Billions season finale. COVID-19 has increased our usage and reliance on the internet, which gives hackers double the opportunity to scam people with phishing attacks and malware. After all, we’re...
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