ITIQ Recruiters pose for a photo at ForgedAXE in Whistler, Canada
This year marked IT/IQ’s tenth annual mid-year trip to Whistler. As way to celebrate from half of the year’s victories and recuperate from any challenges our team spends an all-expenses paid night at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler. At 9:00 AM on Friday July 12th, we boarded a (thankfully) air-conditioned Westcan charter bus and headed for...
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IT/IQ Tech Recruiters Team
Every year IT/IQ hosts a mid-year event for our team to celebrate our successes, recuperate from any bad bounces, and come together as a team. As a part of our long-standing tradition, Whistler provides the perfect venue, with its world-renowned mountain backdrop. This past weekend marks our 9th annual Whistler trip, and by all reports,...
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