5 Tips for Choosing Between Multiple Job Offers

Congratulations, you landed the job…s! As we wade through the immense amount of online career postings, we can tend to get so caught up in the chase that we lose sight of where we are at. Suddenly, you’re looking at 5 job offers and a 40 hour week to work with…How do you choose the one that’s right for you?  Whether you’re looking to work from home or get back into the office, recruiters here at IT/IQ are dedicated to helping you find the right fit. Keep reading for IT/IQs 5 tips on choosing the right job for you!

1.  Finances

We all know that money is usually the driving force behind the job search process. Though we may enjoy our work, at the end of the day we are there to be compensated. When considering multiple job offers, look at which jobs offer initial, and advancing, salaries that align with your personal cost of living.

2.  Advancement

As they say, hard work pays off. When choosing between various job offers, it is important to look ahead to the potential advancement the position offers. Look for the companies that will nurture your professional growth and future potential.

3.  Culture

Even with the current work-from-home culture of today, company culture is a key factor in job satisfaction. While the workplace is not necessarily intended to be a social space, the element of collaboration is essential to any team working environment. By assessing the company culture, you will be better able to gauge how the work style aligns with your own. It comes down to a simple question: Where will you be most productive?

4.  Management

Management is meant to be the backbone of the team, whoever that may be. Therefore, it is imperative that you consider what management styles you can trust to support your work through and through. Speaking to current employees and reading online company reviews is a great way to gain some insight into who you could be working for.

5.  Details

Not all careers are made equal, which is why it is so important to carefully consider every option before deciding to accept. Past looking at the big picture fit of a company, one should NOT overlook the details. From benefits to hours to emergency response, this gives you a look at how dedicated a company is to its employees. Look for employers willing to invest in you upfront, as they will likely be the ones to support your long-term growth overall.

Your Tech Teammate

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