Benefits of Hiring Contract Workers

Labor statistics show the pool of technology sector job candidates in Vancouver, many of whom are independent contractors, is outpacing other North American tech hubs like Toronto, New York, and L.A. As tech industry giants like Amazon and Facebook open new offices and scale their operations in Vancouver over the next few years, the demand and competition for skilled IT and developer candidates will only continue to grow.


Recruiting Contract Tech and IT Workers in Vancouver

The internal hiring process can be time consuming, labor intensive, complex and expensive. From vetting and screening qualified applicants to conducting multiple rounds of interviews, the process can take weeks or months when a developer or IT professional may be needed right away. And after the hiring process is complete, there is still no guarantee it will be a good fit in the short or long term. Qualified contractors are ready to hit the ground running and apply their expertise where they are needed right away.


Look Beyond the Conventional Talent Pools and Hiring Models

Finding skilled candidates and new talent for Vancouver’s growing technology sector will require a little creativity and thinking outside the box.


Tap Into Recent Immigrants and Foreign Tech Workers

As tighter restrictions and the immigration debate rages in the U.S., British Columbia is in a unique position to reap the benefits of talented foreign-born tech workers no longer bound for (or welcome in) Silicon Valley. According to Fortune, the Canadian government is working to make it easier for skilled tech and IT professionals to work in Canada with programs like the Global Skills Strategy, which, among other things provides, the option to fast-track work visas. Recruiters can also find candidates among the immigrant population already living in Vancouver, which can sometimes struggle to get a foothold in a competitive job market.


Remote Workers

An increasingly global workforce and market means recruiters no longer have to limit their search to candidates living in Vancouver. Opening the field to remote contractors allows companies to recruit talent from across Canada and the U.S. in untapped markets.


Part Time Consultants

Along with flexibility, hiring a part-time contractor is an excellent way for tech companies to find talent and scout for future full-time employees. A contract project allows employers to vet and determine a contractor’s skills and ability to deliver results before making a hiring decision (and the subsequent investments). A contractor can be employed across teams and different projects according to their skills and experience, which offers additional value to the organization.


Contractors are highly adaptable and often natural problem solvers that can be onboarded and trained quickly, without many of the administrative layers, focus split and sometimes competing priorities that may come with a permanent position.


Find Skilled Technology Contract Workers in Vancouver

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