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There are not many other places in life, where you can find the same satisfaction as getting your dream job. Work can be a big or small part of your life, but either way, if you aren’t enjoying it, it can cause both a mental and physical strain on your well-being.

Helping people like you find their dream job, is one of the many reasons that IT/IQ’s team enjoys and excels at what they do. However, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do, without the relationship established between the recruiter, and you. And it is ultimately you, who will end up in their dream job eventually. So, what are some key components that need to be addressed when applying for a new job?

Resume Guide

First and foremost, your resume needs to be tailored to the position you’re applying to. All the experience, skills and credentials should be specific to the description of the position in question. Attached below, is our comprehensive resume writing guide.

Download here!

Interview Guide

Once that resume has been put to use and got you into the door for an interview, you need to brush up on your interview skills. One of our recruitment specialists will prepare you for this; however, if you would like a resource for reference, our Interview Preparation Guide can be downloaded below.

Download here!

Relocation Guide

After the interview, your recruiter will check-in with you to see how it went. If you are relocating to Vancouver from another province or another country, check out our Relocation Guide. It outlines all the different suburbs of Vancouver, amenities in each suburb and housing prices. Link to download is below.

Download here!

If there are any other guides or booklets that would be helpful in your job application process, please contact us here with your suggestions! And if you are looking for a job, all of our opportunities can be found here.

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