Consultant Holiday Party 2019

This past Wednesday marked IT/IQ’s second annual Consultant Holiday Party at Rogue Kitchen and Wet Bar. The event is for celebrating the successes of all our outstanding consultants who we’ve worked with over the past year, or several years.

IT/IQ has been able to grow its business year over year, and expand into new areas of IT. This growth can be attributed to the highly-skilled consultants we work with every day. Playing a part in developing their professional careers inspires our team to be the best that we can be.

We realize the trust that our consultants place in our team to help them develop their career and achieve their goals, and we appreciate and value that trust and partnership. 

Last year we decided that we could no longer hold our Consultant Holiday Party at our headquarters in downtown Vancouver. So we decided to move to the party to a bigger and better venue at Rogue. This year we have sustained that growth and were happy to be back at Rogue.

The food, drinks and overall service provided by Rogue was excellent.

Thank you to all of our consultants who were able to come out to the event. We look forward to continued successes with you in 2020!

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