Introducing IT/IQ Remote Teams

We at IT/IQ Tech Recruiters recently learned that remote teams are environmentally greener, more cost-effective, and oftentimes inspire happier and more productive employees.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, almost every business in the world is currently navigating the challenges of managing remote teams — many for the first time and had never considered it before. We believe that after the pandemic remote teams will take on a whole new world and form a ‘new normal’.

After countless conversations with IT/IQ clientele, I have heard that some of their growth and product development challenges include hiring the right people due to a talent shortage, rising costs, and lack of cultural fit. 

Because of this, I believe that now is the time to reveal our latest secret development. After months in the making, I’m proud to announce IT/IQ’s latest service in empowering businesses: introducing IT/IQ Remote Teams.

Hiring the right people and streamlining employee onboarding and payroll are crucial components of a remote team; they also happen to be services that IT/IQ Tech Recruiters already provides to its client companies across Canada. IT/IQ Remote Teams will use IT/IQ Tech recruiters’ extensive candidate network to expand and grow remote teams, at Canadian costs, to companies around the world.

Whether you’re looking to add one candidate to an existing team, or build an entire team from scratch, IT/IQ Remote Teams will take care of the recruiting, hiring, and employee onboarding aspects (including employee contracts, payroll and benefits administration services), and even offer office space as well as support company culture.

By partnering with IT/IQ remote teams, business owners and founders can scale their organization faster, reduce costs by 30% or more, build teams with top talent located in the same time zone, and get back to focusing on high-level organizational goals. All of this, simplified on a single monthly invoice from IT/IQ Remote Teams.

It has been a challenging time for everyone, and we have all learned a lot about our businesses, and ourselves, from this experience. I could not be more inspired by the pivots and sacrifices we have all made. I hope that IT/IQ Remote Teams will continue IT/IQ’s mission of creating opportunity and helping smart people find each other, now from anywhere in the world.

To learn more about IT/IQ Remote Teams, visit our website or reach out to one of our veteran account executives.

We cannot wait to hear from you, build your team, and scale your business.

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