IT|IQ is Now National!

Sometimes things happen in a flash. In other cases, it takes time to grow into an idea. It took 17 years to put a finger on our vision, but it was laid down on paper in an instant: Connecting people through global opportunity. I always had a feeling it was something like that, but it hadn’t found its way into the right words.

Today, we’re one step closer to realizing that vision.

For 17 years we have worked hard, growing steadily, and moving from one larger office space to the next. We always had an eye on expansion but felt the need to focus on our home market in Vancouver first, before growing further.

Today, I am proud to announce that IT/IQ has gone national. Joining our Vancouver HQ, we now have offices open and in operation in Calgary and Toronto.

We are excited to be launching these new offices in tandem with our partner company, Horizon Recruitment Inc. This has been part of our roadmap since we started, and by reaching this destination we will be able to provide new opportunities for our candidates, clients, and internal team alike.

To our candidates: Today, IT/IQ can now provide more exciting opportunities at a wider range of client sites across the nation. If you are looking to relocate to a different province, we can now help you land the career opportunity you need to make it a reality. We will be able to better cater to the next project or IT implementation you want to be a part of given a broader pool of jobs to choose from. We have over 200 opportunities posted right now!

To our clients: Today, IT/IQ can now serve you at a national scale. We will draw upon talent from across the nation to better serve complex IT-specific projects. With access to IT projects across Canada, IT/IQ can now better consult and guide your cutting-edge initiatives based on the knowledge and expertise we’ve gained from similar projects nationally.

To our team: We are strong today, and we grow stronger with each day that goes by. There is no limit to how far you can go within IT/IQ. There are opportunities to lead practices, new verticals, account portfolios and manage offices in different provinces as well as IT/IQ’s headquarters in Vancouver. We can support you in different locations, opening up room to build on different skillsets. Whether it be account management, recruitment, management, leadership, support or operations, you can grow your career in whichever direction you would like. We have already hired teams in Calgary and Toronto and plan to double them in size by the end of this quarter.

Without the team’s hard work and dedication to IT/IQ, we would not be where we are today. I’m grateful to have met and worked with amazing people along the way. Whether you’re a part of our family now or were in the past, you helped us get here and for that, I want to sincerely thank you.

I am excited and honoured that we have come this far and can’t thank enough the candidates, clients, and the team that have been a part of our growth and success over these 17 years. We are optimistic about the future and driven to pursue excellence in every market we serve. You are part of that excellence. You are certainly part of that future.

This milestone takes us one step closer to our vision:

Connecting people through global opportunity.

Feras Elkhalil

President, IT/IQ Tech Recruiters 

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