No, AI Will Never Replace Recruiters

It’s predicted that half of Canadian jobs will be impacted by AI in the next ten years. AI is transforming marketing, technology, sales, and even HR. You can read more about the industries that AI will most-likely effect in the near future, and what that could mean for all stakeholders involved, in our blog here.

While AI has the potential to fully automate certain processes, other processes can’t be replaced by AI.

So, here’s the million-dollar question: will AI replace IT/IQ recruiters?

No, but they could make us better, or make our jobs easier.

Enhance Candidate Engagement

Have you ever been ghosted by HR? You’re not alone. Lots of job applicants never hear back after submitting their application, and in this candidate-driven world, this is low-hanging fruit. AI “chatbots” save recruiters time and provide interaction with candidates by sending automated responses.

Some recruiter chatbots use natural language processing to ask and answer questions to assess the candidates’ wants and needs.

Of course, these chatbots won’t be able to fully replace a human conversation, but it could save recruiters a lot of time wasted on sending emails. A lot of time.

Automate Resume Screening

For high-volume jobs, many recruiting teams don’t have the time or resources to manually screen all the resumes they receive. Automated resume screening saves recruiters hours and hours they could spend doing something else.

Intelligent screening can also help enrich the candidate’s assessment through data sources (prior companies, social media profiles, etc.) for a deeper understanding of the candidate. Better yet, AI eliminates unconscious bias during the initial hiring stages as it can ignore race, age, and gender.

Automated resume screening is best for companies with high-volume hiring, like warehouses and retail, since it takes lots of data for AI to begin screening as well as a human recruiter can. 

Augment Online Interviews

Through algorithms that analyze candidates’ word choices, speech patterns, and even facial expressions, online interviews are enhanced by AI. This additional data augments the recruiter role so they can better assess how a candidate would fit in the company culture.

But, just like automated resume screening, it takes a lot of data – including recorded interviews – to accurately identify quality candidates.

Better Together

It’s not likely AI will replace recruiters anytime soon. It’s much more likely we’ll be working alongside AI while they do the boring parts of our jobs; putting us in a better position to become better and faster at what we do best. Learning to live and work productively with these automated coworkers is more important than finding a new career that’s “AI-proof.” As Deloitte explains it, the future will be a hybrid of AI and humans, creating “super job” teams combining human intelligence and AI capabilities to boost productivity.

We’re just better together.

To learn more about IT/IQ, visit our website or reach out to one of our veteran recruiters. We cannot wait to hear from you and to build a better global business culture together.

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