Top IT Roles in 2019

The days are getting shorter and colder, and 2019 is approaching fast. Looking into the new year, we are excited to see what kind of new technologies and roles Vancouver and the rest of Canada will offer.

With new and improving technologies, what IT positions will be highly sought after in 2019? Using North America as a frame of reference, we’ve listed out our predictions of the most in-demand IT roles in 2019.  Our list highlights several exciting new areas of technology such as Machine Learning, DevOps, Artificial Intelligence, and the Internet of Things. We hope you are as excited as we are for what 2019 may bring!


Mobile Application Developers

Mobile applications, previously considered a secondary investment to a business, have now become an integral part for businesses in almost all industries. According to Statista, there were 1.1 million apps on the Apple App Store in 2004. In 2018, there are over 3 million apps on the Apple App store, and this upward trend is only expected to continue.  With this trend, the need for more Mobile Application Developers grows imminent. Our data suggests that the average salary for a Mobile Application Developer is around $100,000 in Vancouver.


Business Intelligence Analysts

In addition to the growing trend of applications as a part of the business, the need for Business Intelligence (BI) Analysts is growing. Business Intelligence (BI) Analysts assess data about their business, compare it to competitors, and assess its offerings against what customers are looking for. The resulting information is disseminated to key stakeholders, who can then determine what changes might be necessary. According to our internal data, BI Analysts on average earn $163,000 annually in Vancouver. It is worth noting that BI Analyst roles are more often contract positions rather than permanent employment.


Machine Learning Engineers

Machine Learning is essentially a set of algorithms that identify patterns, and literally learn how to identify key markers to make processes more efficient. Machine Learning is paired with Artificial Intelligence (AI) as very similar adjacent technologies, although not quite interchangeable terms. AI is the broad term for machines being able to perform functions autonomously, making decisions on the fly. Machine Learning is a type of AI, where machines identify patterns within large datasets, which then shape subsequent actions. The Machine Learning market is expected to reach $8.81 billion USD by 2022. Engineers within this discipline make a median income of $106,225.


Security Analysts

Hackers pose a serious threat to the growth of applications, and to businesses at large. Between viruses, ransomware, phishing applications and malicious decryption of private data, threats to an organization’s cybersecurity is of critical importance. As our dependency on technology increases, so too do the risks. To counteract this threat, businesses are hiring Security Analysts. The main issue is that as applications grow more sophisticated, so do hackers. It is up to the Security Analyst to assess what measures their business is taking to offer a secure product to their customers. An Information Security Analyst in Canada makes a median income of $67,695 annually.


DevOps Engineers

DevOps is a role that has been gaining more ground for the past five or six years, and acts as an intermediary step between app development and business analysis. DevOps engineers play a key role, by collaborating closely with business analysts and users, and translating business requirements into code. Unlike traditional development roles, DevOps Engineer roles include more functional skills, like process re-engineering, and extensive collaboration and communication across all aspects of the business. The income range for a DevOps Engineer in Vancouver is $90,000-$110,000 depending on experience.


Common Threads

The common theme among all these roles, is a continued (and perhaps increased) reliance on business applications. Businesses need people with the most up-to-date technical skillsets in order to stay current with the tremendous pace of technology.

Since 2002, IT/IQ’s specialized team of recruitment experts have helped technical professionals like you, gain access to an array of cutting-edge roles.  In 2019, we are excited to continue doing so not only in Vancouver, but across North America.


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