What Tech Leaders Are Doing Right

From higher productivity and profitability to a commitment to greater work/life balance, the most dynamic and innovative leaders in the tech industry have been leading the charge to redefine the modern workplace. By investing in top talent and taking a sometimes unconventional and unexpected approach to business models and operations, tech leaders are creating successful companies and employees by doing things a little differently. The result? Productivity rates that are as much as 50 percent higher than the tech industry average.


3 Things Successful Tech Leaders Do Differently

Ever wonder how companies like Netflix, Amazon and Apple continue to dominate their industry and defy expectations year after year? Here are just a few of the methods that have helped the world’s most prolific tech companies rewrite the rules and stay at the top.


The Right People in the Right Roles

“If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room,” as the saying goes, and no industry has taken this wisdom to heart quite like the tech industry. Unlike traditional top-down management structures, where departments and different company divisions are strictly compartmentalized and adhere to rigid organizational structures, the most successful technology and software development companies take a more strategic and innovative approach to hiring for critical roles.


Teams are built around talented individuals with relevant skills and experience to solve specific problems and develop innovative products and solutions. Collaboration is not only encouraged, but essential to every project’s success. Talent is fanned out across the organization and given the latitude to employ and develop their creativity and strengths for the benefit of the team.


Breaking – and Reinventing – the Organizational Mold

Even smaller companies can fall victim to outdated or inefficient organizational practices that hinder productivity and make it more difficult to attract and hire the best talent. Industry data shows companies lose billions of dollars in lost productivity due to organizational inefficiencies. Terms like “culture fit” may sound like tech industry buzzwords, but empowering employees with the freedom to make decisions and solve problems is standard practice at industry giants like Netflix. Flexibility and freedom also allow tech talent to remain productive, and engender a sense of company loyalty.


Putting a Premium on Personal and Professional Leadership

The tech industry is famous for its charismatic and iconic leaders, who often become the face of the brand and legends in their own right. But it takes more than a great general to lead a successful army. The best companies invest in strong leadership throughout the organization, and the results are in the productivity levels, which have been shown to rise by as much as 125 percent when a team feels inspired by their manager.


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