IT/IQ’s Guide to the Toronto Tech Scene

Nashville has its music scene, New York City is among the best for food scenes, and Toronto boasts one of the best and fastest-growing tech scenes in the world. Here are a few reasons why.

1. Community.

The opportunities for networking are so vast and so common that making connections is practically part of the Toronto scene’s culture. As of the writing of this article, many of the in-person meet-ups are still on hold due to the coronavirus. Still, various monthly and semi-regular events encourage attendees to obtain career advice, form mentor relationships, get funding, and get connected.

2. Artificial Intelligence.

Especially as the demand for AI climbs in 2021, Toronto tech’s momentum continues to increase. The Toronto region is home to the highest concentration of AI startups in the world. Companies like Uber, Samsung, and Etsy to name just a few have all invested in AI projects in Toronto in recent years.

3. Quality of Life.

Toronto is the fourth-largest city in North America and consistently makes the international list of best places to live. The Economist even ranked it the fourth safest city in the world in 2017. Low cost of living, public transportation, beautiful theatres, museums, art galleries, and concert halls inspire those who are there for the various job opportunities to stay there.

4. Universities.

The higher education in Toronto is a large part of what makes the tech scene so alive. University and entrepreneurship support programs create a cycle. Local grads start companies and mentor young entrepreneurs. Those youngsters become mentors, and the cycle continues.

Another factor that should be mentioned here is the difficulty quantifying, the overall culture of Toronto tech. There is an entrepreneurial spirit that invites experimentation and doing things outside the norm. Another invaluable quality is that you might run into some awfully nice people in Toronto, as compared to New York or Silicon Valley.

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