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IT/IQ Celebrates Excellence at Team Awards Ceremony

Granting individual recognition is an essential component of our high-performance culture at IT/IQ. Born from the desire to recognize our team’s hard work and successes, our annual awards ceremony serves to formally recognize IT/IQ’s most impactful and high performing people from the preceding year. Taking place in Q1 across our three Canadian offices, 10 awards...
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20 Years True: A Letter From the President

What does it mean to remain true?  I’ve grown up immersed in entrepreneurship. My dad owned and operated a successful business, and I credit him as my earliest role model. His hard work, commitment to excellence, and relentless drive compelled me to start a business in my late teens. Despite my dad’s successful track record,...
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A Canadian Maple Leaf Colored Red Overlays Abstract Technology advertising for IT/IQ Tech Recruiters

What’s Happening with Canada’s Digital ID?

In its simplest form, digital ID is a verified form of identification that can be stored on a digital device.
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Two business women draw up ideas on a whiteboard

How Canada is Leading the Charge for Women in STEM

In recent years an emphasis has been placed on encouraging students, particularly women and those underrepresented in such industries, to pursue careers in STEM.
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"The Top technology disruptors of 2022" Copy on top of blue and red computer spread sheet

The Top Technology Disruptors of 2022

2022 is well underway, and the year’s most significant innovations in the technology space have made themselves known.
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Why 2022 Is the Year You’ll Enter the Cloud - IT/IQ Tech Recruiters

Why 2022 Is the Year You’ll Enter the Cloud

The term “cloud computing” was first introduced at an industry conference by Google CEO Eric Schmidt in 2006. In the last 15 years, this technology has taken the business world by storm, as well as influenced how millions of people create documents and even share their photos. “The cloud” offers business leaders enormous flexibility and...
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Woman hides her face and slumps over at her desk with text Unhappy in Your Technology Position? Why 2022 Is the Year to Make a Change

Unhappy in Your Technology Position? Why 2022 Is the Year to Make a Change

As you have undoubtedly heard, the job market is seriously bonkers right now. With unemployment near pre-pandemic levels, and thousands of jobs still to be had, firms are fighting fiercely for top candidates – if they can find them. In short, it is a candidate’s market, and the last few months have seen many professionals...
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An image of a digital boardroom meeting with text Examining the Future of Blockchain Technology - IT/IQ Tech Recruiters

Examining the Future of Blockchain Technology

If you keep up with the news to any reasonable degree, you have undoubtedly heard of blockchain technology. As one of the most impactful developments in the fintech space in recent years, blockchain aims to revolutionize the way data is recorded, stored, and transferred.  How will this new technology continue to influence finance and other...
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Image of a smart phone with the word NFT on screen with text overlay All About NFTs - IT | IQ

All About NFTs

As if the cryptocurrency craze of this year were not enough, the digital economy is now reeling from the rise of NFTs. Without fully understanding the technology involved, thousands of people are investing in these digital assets with the hopes of making large returns. And this hope is not totally unwarranted. In fact, a digital...
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