IT/IQ’s Favourite Holiday Tech Gifts

It’s December; the days are shorter, and the mornings are frosty. IT/IQ is excited for the upcoming holidays and all the joy that they bring. Since we love all things tech, inside and outside of our work, we’ve created a list of some of our favorite holiday tech gift ideas. Outlined below are some of our team member’s picks.


Google Home Mini – Jenny

Google, how do I make gingerbread? Google, what’s a good Rum to Eggnog ratio? You get the point. The Google Home Mini is perfect for all things holiday. Listen to Michael Buble’s holiday album, get Stuffing recipe ideas, call your in-laws, and set a Turkey timer all at the same time with this little handy device.


The Google Home Mini can be found on the Google Store for $69.99.


Boosted Board Stealth – Ryan

Because walking three blocks to get JJ Bean coffee is too hard. If slow walkers are your biggest pet peeve, forget walking and step on to the Boosted Board Stealth. The electric skateboard reaches speeds of up to almost 40 km/h and can hold a charge for 22kms of riding.


The Boosted Board Stealth can be found on the Boosted Board store for $1599.


Hydrofoil Surfboard – Steve

On your way to a meeting in Granville Island and the traffic is backed up on the bridge? Arrive in style on your Hydrofoil Surfboard. December has some of us thinking a lot about July. This July, forget a paddle and try out a Hydrofoil Surfboard.


The Hydrofoil surfboard retails for $2445.00 on the Lift Foil website.


Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless II Over-Ear Headphones – Alina

When you want to hear Mariah Carey, and ONLY Mariah Carey on your morning commute. The Bose QuietComfort headphones are a delight to the ears. With noise-cancelling, 20 hour battery capacity, listen to the entire Serial Season 1 Podcast from start to finish.


These headphones are sold on the Bose Website for $349.95.


Honorable Mentions

Roland Aerophone Go

Ever wanted to learn a wind instrument? Or ALL of the wind instruments at once? Problem solved. The Roland Aerophone Go pairs with an app so you can learn the saxophone, or any number of wind instruments, and play along with your favourite songs. It retails for $499.99 on Amazon.


ESPRO Ultralight Travel Press

If you love french press coffee but are always on the go, the ESPRO Ultralight Travel press is the perfect gift for you. The travel press has a leak-proof lid, a double-filtration system, and is the lightest stainless-steel bottle for it’s size, on the market. It retails for $39.95 on the ESPRO site.

We hope you enjoyed our list and leave with ideas for tech gifts for your family (or yourself). Happy Holidays from IT/IQ!

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