Four Key Components of Employer Branding

According to Emerald Insight, employer branding establishes the identity of the firm as an employer. It encompasses the firm’s values, systems, policies and behaviors toward the objectives of attracting, motivating and retaining the firm’s current and potential employees. Given unemployment rates in B.C. are at 4.7%, it is imperative that firms keep a positive employer brand to remain competitive in hiring top talent.

So how do businesses create a positive employer brand that people apply for over others? Outlined below are four key components of employer branding.

Brand Advocates

1. Brand Advocates

Brand advocates are employees within your firm that actively, and voluntarily promote their experience working at the firm. These are employees that talk to their friends and family about how much they enjoy coming into work, and why they would recommend it to anyone looking for a job within the firm’s expertise. If as a firm, you are trying to enhance your employees’ experience, you are likely to establish more brand advocates within your organization.

Career Page

2. Career Page

If you are actively hiring, you should make sure your career page on your website, on Indeed, on Glassdoor and wherever else it may be, is an updated professional show case of your work environment, and company culture. Use it as an opportunity to describe your company culture and list the reasons why someone would want to work in your organization.

Brand Consistency

3. Brand Consistency

One often overlooked component of employer branding, is brand consistency. If your brand image, and language associated with the brand is scattered and inconsistent, it can be viewed as a reflection of your operations. Keep it consistent to ensure your brand is seen as well put together and professional.

Social Presence

4. Social Presence

One of the first places candidates are going to look when they’re researching a company’s job openings is social media. Use your social channels to highlight company outings, the team, company culture and any accomplishments or awards your team has been recognized with. Bottom line, potential candidates are going to want to see positive content when they come across your company on any number of social media channels.

To boost your employer brand, take these four components and apply them. For any additional employee recruitment, check out our Client Services page to learn about how we help businesses find top talent.

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