Why US Companies Should Be Taking Advantage of Canadian Talent

With Canada’s welcoming approach to immigration, it’s no surprise that we’re the 5th most attractive country for highly skilled tech talent. So, if you’re thinking of building a startup or hiring top tech talent, start looking north. Here’s why U.S. companies should take advantage of Canadian tech talent. 

Best Value for Tech Talent

At a fraction of the cost compared to San Francisco and Seattle tech hubs; Canada offers the best value for high-quality talent. The average living wage in Toronto is $82,385 U.S. dollars, compared to San Francisco, which is $123,158. The cost of talent is the largest expense category for most companies, which is a top consideration-boding well for Toronto and Vancouver since they offer the best value for tech talent. Regardless of currency differences, Toronto is cheaper for talent compared to major market cities like San Francisco, Boston, and New York.

Top Tech Talent Hub

Even while the Trump administration makes hiring foreign employees more difficult, U.S. companies will continue to hire foreign employees. To get the top tech talent they need, U.S. companies are hiring outside the U.S., with Canada being a common choice.

Our highly educated and diverse population makes us one of the top places in the world to start a business or locate global headquarters. And when given the choice, immigrants choose careers in Canada over the U.S.

And the reasons are obvious, besides immigration policies, there’s innovation in artificial intelligence, self-driving vehicles, and big data drawing industry titans like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and more. Many of these big players have offices in Toronto, Waterloo, Vancouver, or Montreal. These multimillion-dollar industry giants in technology, life sciences, and automation continue to draw from our deep labor pool, and there are no signs of this slowing down. Canada will continue to welcome international students, talent, and business and remain on top of the technology industry.

Get Ahead of the Curve with IT/IQ

Our goal is to be ahead of the curve, which is a tough task, as tech disrupts every industry and creates competition where it didn’t previously exist. But our talent will continue to compete on the cutting edge – to keep us earning and learning.

With locations in Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto IT/IQ has access to the tech hubs in Canada and can help cover all your hiring needs. We’re expanding nationally, and offer an excellent vehicle for motivated and driven individuals or companies who want to launch their career or business.

To learn more about IT/IQ, visit our website or reach out to one of our veteran recruiters. We can’t wait to hear from you and to build a better global business culture together.

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